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Shamsul Olema Foundation is independent volunteer and non Govermental organization who has worked for needy un-employment, students, social poverty, illiteracy, economical, spiritual, health, cultural, sports, blind, Deaf, Dumb, Child, Labour, Minority, Education Plan and awareness particular other and generals.
Foundation has established by the co-operation social reformer and thinker Syed Zafar Iqbal on 01 Dec. 2003 and Registered 12 Dec. 2003 Registered 1142/2003-04, under the society Registration Act, 21- 1860 Varanshi, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh.

Aims and Activities :- Shamsul Olema Foundation Promotes, Self Sufficiency and sustainability by training, the trainers, Awareness and activities viz Social an Women’s Welfare, Child Welfare, Nutrition Non formal Education, Natural Disaster, Child labour, Livelihood, Old Stage, health Care & Family Planning HIV/AIDS, Mother and child Health, Rural Development Art & Culture, Adults & infant Education, Find tor Human rights, World of peace social Justice, Rehabiliason, Environment, Dairy form, Plantation, Agriculture Developments, Eradication of poverty and hunger, Madhubani Paintings, Senor citizen, Trafficking, Heal Service, community Development, Leprosy, Sanitation, orphans Welfare, Help for Self Help Group. Empowerment for Women, girls, boys and Men, handicrafts, Vocational Planning, Range of Economic and Social Issue, Population, Agriculture and Forestry, Rural Economy, Against Racism, Homeless People, Bonded laborers, Street Children, Children of Poor Widows, Research and investigation, action to empowerment economically, Food Products, Sports, Marshal Arts, Energy and Technology, Ecology & Media, Adventure Training, Tour and Travels Program and Research for Historical Place, Folk Art, folk dance, folk songs, drama, and further development the tools for achieving their promotion, protection and fulfillment.

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    We have been working with our partners to help children access their rights to proper healthcare, basic education, and healthy environment, protection from abuse and exploitation and participation in decisions that affect their lives. Read More